Diversity and Inclusion

We are a growing, female-owned business and we strive to have transparency with an inclusive culture where all perspectives are valued. Our team is composed of multiple nationalities and we believe that it is important to continue building support for effective change. It is our mission to tap into the energy, creativity, innovativeness, and the diversity of perspectives that workplace diversity can bring into the team structure.

Successful communication is built on the capacity to speak freely and listen. Learning from others, taking responsibility and challenging ourselves are the key aspects of this process. Our aim is to create and sustain a comfortable and trustworthy team environment, where all ideas are effectively communicated, and all voices are heard.

We are committed to incorporating strategies to address heterogeneity and implement lasting change on all levels to substantiate diversity and inclusion through action. This combines multiple different elements of our business management, such as prioritising career goals and talent development as well as building inclusive dialogue within our collective industry as a whole.

“I am a fierce advocate for the collective human race and want to express my voice for us all. Skin colour, ethnicity, religion, nationality, sex can all be barriers and foster discrimination at all levels. I personally have felt it as a woman, as a Muslim, and as an Iranian. Today we have the chance to help civilisation move forward. Staying silent is not an option and it is really important, or rather, imperative that we are part of the collective voice. As the founder of a brand employing a hugely diverse team, I feel or at least hope I am doing my part. Educating and leading by example is what I feel is important. I try to do that for myself and my kids, because all the reasons people use to divide or compartmentalise us, needs to be dismantled.” – Dr. Maryam Zamani, Founder of MZ Skin, Leading Oculoplastic Surgeon and Facial Aesthetic Doctor in London.

Thus, addressing racial, ethnic, and gender diversity in the workplace is a top priority for our business.

  • 50% of our employees are BAME (Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic)
  • We support women in leadership and encourage equal professional growth at every level of our business collective. We are proud to share that our top management is 100% female
  • As of 2020, we seek to arrange effective anti-discrimination and anti-bias training programs and talks for all our incoming employees
  • Maintain open intercultural dialogue within our collective
  • Support our diverse team, customers and partners globally
  • Continue to employ and encourage diversity recruitment strategies
  • Use our platform and our voice to stimulate conversation both within the business community and online and promote diversity awareness
  • Recognise and celebrate difference

We believe our intentions can make a difference. Together we will bring positive change to the world.


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