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MZ Skin does not honour refunds on opened or used products unless deemed faulty or in the unlikely event of an allergic reaction.

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We cannot refund discontinued items. If you are unsure if a product is discontinued, please email us.
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Should you have a reaction to one of our products please contact customer care as soon as possible. In duty of care we will email you an allergy and reaction form and advise next steps.

Please note that due to hygiene, the Light-Therapy Golden Treatment Device is non-returnable unless faulty.

Please allow up to 5 working days for the amount to be reflected.


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Product Information

The natural cell turnover is 4-6 weeks, so we always suggest using a product or regime for at least this duration to see optimum results.

Absolutely! We are more than happy to help you find a product suitable or provide specific advice regarding a regime. Please email customerservice@mzskin.sg with any concerns or queries.

Yes, they are with two exceptions; Rest & Revive and Replenish & Restore are not considered vegan as both of these contain Ovine Placenta.

Yes, MZ Skin does not advocate testing on animals. No animals are harmed in the collection of Ovine Placenta, this is a by-product sourced during the birth of lambs.

As a brand we always err on the side of caution and recommend you seek medical guidance to be absolutely safe.

During pregnancy, or breast feeding it is medically advised to avoid the use of retinoid products.

Our Retinol is encapsulated, meaning the oil enables the active to bypass any skin irritations. However, Dr Zamani suggests starting with a low concentration 1 – 2 times a week, gradually increasing frequency to nightly. This will help diminish potential side effects.

It is also important to remember that retinol can increase sensitivity to UV light so one should have an SPF 30+ on daily.

LED Device

Our LED device is FDA registered, but not FDA approved.

If you’re new to using light therapy we recommend building up the usage, gradually. Start with 10 minutes a day on level 5, building up over a couple of weeks to 15-20 minutes. The time can be split across different light settings, depending on skin concerns, or the full duration can be spent on one lamp. If time permits, it can be used daily but otherwise every other day is consistent enough. There isn’t really a right or wrong way to use light therapy, just consistency is key.

For any light setting it is best used on a clean, dry skin with all serums and/or moisturiser applied afterwards. For the most relaxing experience we also recommend lying down and closing your eyes.

Each of the light settings featured on the device help with these specific skin concerns at the different wavelengths measured in nano meters:

Red light (630nm) has profound anti-ageing benefits, it stimulates collagen and elastin production and strengthens skin. This light setting also reduces inflammation, heals blemishes, repairs sun damage and improves scarring.Blue light (430nm) balances and clarifies the skin, treating acne. With repetitive use, this light improves blemished skin.Green light (520 nm) calms skin and reduces pigmentation, broken capillaries and sunspots.Yellow light (570-590nm) reduces redness and boosts circulation. It is ideal for sensitive skin as it boosts lymphatic flow and soothes the skin.White light (450-460nm) penetrates deeply to promote wound healing and skin repair.

Any purchase made at MZSkin.sg is fully covered on a 6-month warranty. Please keep a copy of your order confirmation.

Should the mask be deemed faulty or need repair, return postage costs will be covered to honour an exchange or full refund.

As a first point of call we suggest you contacting the retailer where the purchase was made.

Using the highest intensity for 10 minutes uses:

Max energy: 45J/cm2

Output intensity: 35mw/cm2

Please bear in mind that the brightness/intensity is adjustable via 5 levels, so the energy output varies according to the intensity selected. Those with more sensitive eyes we suggest using the lower intensity as this is likely more tolerable. Using a lower intensity makes it easier to keep your eyes open but we suggest keeping them closed, or it can be a personal preference to use eye protection when using the maximum intensity/brightness.

LED light therapy has been used for over 30 years to heal the skin and stimulate collagen and elastin. The treatments were originally developed for astronauts to help with tissue healing and repair. In the clinical setting, LED treatment is offered as a acne, wrinkle reducing and cellular repair treatment.

Dr. Maryam Zamani says “LED has always been a treatment I have loved as an adjunct to in office procedures including lasers, peels, and surgery. Best results are seen from multiple treatments just days apart. The LED mask delivers about 50% of the power of the machines I use in my clinic. Give 20 minutes of this mask a few times a week and it will give you a great result if you keep at it. Whether you’re doing the blue light programme for acne, green light for skin tone or red light for collagen boosting.” She is a big advocate!

Furthermore, LED phototherapy or light emitting diode phototherapy combines clinically proven wavelengths of light to deliver safe and effective results to treat a number of conditions with no downtime or discomfort. The purpose is to help accelerate cell renewal and help improve a number of skin concerns.

It is safe on all skin types.

LED phototherapy uses light from the visible spectrum to stimulate the cellular response to regenerate faster through a process called photo biomodulation. Shorter wavelengths target superficial skin while longer wavelengths penetrate more deeply. Results depend on the number of consecutive treatments done.

LED masks are not similar to UVA or UVB rays, the wavelengths are much longer which stimulates cell repair rather than damage.

However, if you feel more comfortable adding eye protection with goggles there is absolutely no harm in doing so.

As the mask is a standard size, we recognise it can feel heavier and rest in different places for different bone structures. We have recommended before using cotton wool pads where it is particularly uncomfortable to ease pressure. If you need to lift the mask slightly towards the end of your session you will still get all the benefits of the LED, it doesn’t need to be touching the skin, as such. Maryam personally uses our Hydra-Bright eye masks (or something similar) during a session to get added benefit of a serum mask during light therapy, should pressure cause discomfort around the eye area

No, our mask does not feature IR light. The red light works at 630 nano meters to stimulate collagen synthesis.

White and infrared have different functions on the skin, our white light is key for penetrating the skin and accelerating renewal processes and metabolism, helping firm and improve the appearance of fine lines and pigmentation. Infrared light has a thermal effect and is mainly helpful for promoting circulation.

The mask features 150 diodes, overall. Each of these sets to on with each light setting

Each diode features 3 chips.

We’re so sorry to hear this and more than happy to send you the correct one, at no charge. Please contactcustomerservice@mzskin.comwith your best delivery address and we can get that organised for you right away.

With consistent use, it usually takes 6-8 weeks to see optimum results.


We recommend applying any Ampoule on a clean, dry skin prior to your moisturiser and/or SPF. They are formulated as super hydrating and brightening serums, with a high level of the actives so we wouldn’t say it is necessary to layer a hydrating serum in between, but if you use a vitamin C serum, for example, you may like to still use this.See how you go, if it feels like too many layers on your skin stick to the cleanse – ampoules – moisturiser – SPF regime.

We recommend once a month for optimum results to boost your regular skin care regime.

Absolutely! Once an ampoule is open we would recommend storing it in a fridge for freshness. Alternatively, the excess serum can be applied to neck and décolletage.

These are super charged serums, formulated to specifically target skin care concerns. They can be used ahead of a special occasion, or monthly to boost your regular regime.


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