AI Skin Analysis

How it Works

MZ SKINTELLIGENCE is an advanced virtual skincare advisor that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven algorithms to analyse selfies and offer a personalised recommended routine in just 60 seconds.

State-of-the-art skin diagnostic technology allows users to analyse their selfie with standard devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablets – without any additional hardware needed.


Advanced real-time selfie analysis to identify:

  • Wrinkles & facial lines
  • Eyebags & dark circles
  • Hyperpigmentation (uneven skin tone/dark spots/sun damage)
  • Redness & skin texture
  • Skin shine & radiance

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Create Routine

Artificial Intelligence algorithms connect user’s individual skin profile to suitable skincare products from MZ Skin. A personalised skincare regime is created with products selected to target individual user’s skin concerns and improve problem areas.

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